Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Grateful Heart

Today’s Workout:

3-mile run
50 Tricep Dips
50 Tricep Push-Ups

Today was so rainy and perfect.  I love a good dreary day, but I definitely wish I could have been at home in bed with the Cairns instead of at school!  It would have been so nice to watch crappy TV and perhaps some Disney movies in my pjs with endless cups of coffee.  Are those days over for me?  According to this Buzzfeed, yes.  So far, I actually agree, haha.  We'll see just how horrible exams are in December.

I wanted to show you that I did get a little creative with my porch area.  Remember I told you I wanted it to be cuter?  Well, all it needed was some fall foliage:

I didn't add that weird green stuff on the porch.  That came free with the place.
I also got one of those fancy As Seen On TV hoses, which I love.  You know, the one that stretches when the water is on and then shrinks back down?  They're great.  Gatsby really enjoys peeing on the flowers and the hose.  It’s not ours until he marks it.

Speaking of Gatsby, I believe I promised you a picture of his and Hatter’s wardrobe.  Here it is:

They hang up their nicer garments.
And then they fold jammers and older pieces.

Yeah, they have a few outfits.  And they have at least 8 pairs of doggie pajamas (they're the cutest!).  They’re small dogs, though, and don’t care for cold weather.  Or at least, I project that they don’t care for cold weather.  You’ll get plenty of pictures of them dressed in adorable clothes in the coming months. 

Speaking of outfits, I wore my very favorite outfit that I've worn to school yet.

I wore the sweetest pair of pants, which you can't really see in the picture but are a green jacquard, and my new pirate shoes.  The shoes click when you walk on hard floors, and that is my FAVORITE!!!  I felt pretty swanky!

I'm about to get a little personal.  I found this quote on another blogger’s post yesterday and really love it:

I have decided that I will always be grateful for everything I have, even when things seem tough.  I want to live life to the fullest, and to do that, you have to accept how things are working out in your life.  I am such a lucky girl, with tons of amazing people in my life.  They make me who I am, and I will never forget that.  I will also be thankful for everything I have going on in my life: school, running, my dogs, and so much more.  I feel like I’ve really grown up in the last year, and I’m really coming into my own.  I’ve also never been happier and I think that reminds me to be grateful as well.  Things won't always seem as great as they do presently, so I need to remember this quote when times are hard.  Yes, I had all these thoughts just from reading that quote.  Isn’t it great when that happens?  I think it is.  And that is why this quote is now my personal mantra.

Waking up in such a positive mindset is great, and it framed my whole day.  For example, I helped a turtle cross the road on my way to school.  He was crossing a very narrow two-lane road and was, obviously, moving super slow.  My bleeding heart decided his life was worth me possibly contracting salmonella, so I pulled my car over (which is out of the shop!) and put my emergencies on.  I was a bit afraid that the turtle would end up being one of those crazy, snapping turtles, but he wasn’t.  He just tucked his little head and limbs into his shell and let me carry him to the other side of the road.  He poked his head out upon reaching the grass, and I think he was grateful.  He’ll probably make the above quote his new personal mantra as well.  Too much?  I then jammed out to Roar the remainder of the trip!

I’m still moving along with school and running, and I’m really great health wise.  My mom will be up the weekend after this coming one to celebrate my birthday, so I might get a little crazy until then.  I’m just so excited for her to come up here!  I am going to attempt the spin class again tomorrow night.  I’m hoping I’m a little better this week, but I’ll have a good time regardless.

I hope you are having a wonderful week, and that something touches you like that quote touched me.  That’s always a nice feeling J

Until next time.  Your Daily Cairn:

Let's just look at this face for a minute.  I mean, come on.  He's the cutest thing in the world.


1)  What is your favorite quote?

2)  Do you dress your dogs?  
      - The Cairns really only wear clothes in the winter, and when I need to take some cute pictures of them.

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  1. Love the cute little doggy outfits! I love to dress up Sookie as well. :)

    And that was really nice of you to move the little turtle out of the road!


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